Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Things that probably should not be made out of cupcake #3

Cupcake with yellow buttercream icing, topped with a packet of Marlboro cigarettes made out of fondant.


Scott Chris said...


Scott Chris said...

If I might be permitted to say one last thing to whoever happens to be reading this, then I'll scuttle off back to Kiwiblog.

I say this with no trace of irony or sarcasm:

Kiwiblog needs more strong female representation. ('so who gives a fuck' I hear you say)

The comments are often phallocentric, abusive and uninformed, but there is a lot of useful debate there as well.

No doubt, some comments you make will be greeted by some with howls of outrage, and accusations of 'troll', but you'll find a number of allies as well.

Hope to see you over there.

Anonymous said...

Just Saying:

I've often wondered what the thing is with feminism and cupcakes. Today I was at a bakery, and for the first time, saw some for sale and bought them.
Great decadent icing. Kind of fluffy.
Still don't know what the connection is to feminism, but mmmmmmm...

To Scott: You'll have to provide a link to prove that "useful debate" occurs at kiwiblog. As for lack of female representation - maybe that could tell you something about kiwiblog, and maybe you'd be better to make some suggestions about changes there if you'd like more participation from women.