Thursday, 3 November 2011

Improving the law and access for abortion

For my last post for Pro-Choice Postings week I'm going to make you, dear readers, do most of the work.

If we want abortion law reform, and if we want people to have more control over their own fertility and their own bodies, then what do we do next?

There will be many answers to this question, and we don't have to agree or all do the same thing at the same time.  Indeed I doubt we could.  And there is considerable strength in a broad movement imho.

It would be great to hear too about things that have (or haven't) been effective in the past, from some of our readers who will have experience both in Aotearoa and overseas with various similar issues and campaigns. 

So what are your ideas?

Here's a pic from almost forty years past that will hopefully serve as inspiration!

Black & white photo of the front of a march for abortion in 1973.  Banner reads:  18?? Vote for women. 1973 Our right to abortion.

Comment direction:  This is not an opportunity to debate abortion itself, there have been plenty of posts in the last week, and indeed there's a whole page for it (cleverly titled "Abortion & Morality" to give you a clue).  I imagine there could be some debates about tactics and strategies though, so feel free to go there.


Captiver said...

I assume the silence is because everyone is so brimming with ideas, they just don't know where to start. :-)
My one idea is this: Keep the Pro-Choice Voice Alive.
Just do anything and everything you can -- whether it's commenting on a blog post once a month or spending way too much time working for the cause. Every pro-choice voice makes a difference and helps someone. Remember, there are 17,000 plus NZ women a year who have abortions. How many of them have felt pressured by all the anti-rhetoric to keep this secret, and feel alone. Keeping the pro-choice voice alive does everything: It helps those who have accessed abortion services; it helps keep the antis on their toes (hi guys!); it helps ensure the politicians know we're out there... So, just do whatever you can whenever you can. And that's enough.

Anonymous said...

Speak about abortion if you've had one.