Friday, 25 November 2011

On moderation until 7pm Sat 26th Nov

Line drawing of a woman with a cool scarf.  "Wear your nicest t-shirt tomorrow" (But please don't if it's a political one!)
To avoid the mess and inconvenience of some idiot getting us in trouble with the Electoral Commission, I'm about to put all comments on moderation.

There's been various advice swirling around the interwebs which basically seems to me to come down to the following:
No new posts, and no new comments, about election stuff (even whether the weather is good for voting or not!) between 12 midnight Friday and 7pm Saturday. 
We may be putting up new posts, but they won't be about the election.  We will allow new comments that aren't about the election through during the day (as time allows), but won't publish any that are about the election, even loosely, until after 7pm. 

Normal moderation rules as to content and anonymous comments will apply.

Thanks for participating in our pre-election blogging here - there was quite a lot more I had personally hoped to get to (like finishing my party list gender analyses and doing a bit of a wrap up post on that), but hey, there's always next time. 

And don't forget - at least three of us will be live-blogging here from 7pm Saturday night.  Which could be fun or horribly depressing or a bit of both. 

See you on the other side.

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Hemebond said...

Why do you put the image description in the body of the post instead of the ALT attribute of the image?