Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Why I support keeping MMP

MMP is loved by babies:

MMP is loved by dogs:

MMP is loved by cats:

MMP is loved by Don McGlashan (!!!):

MMP is loved by people with cool sneakers:

MMP knows how to do memes:

And if all of those, admittedly shallow, reasons for supporting MMP don't tick your boxes then try these two graphics:

And, probably more importantly from a feminist perspective, THIS:

A much more indepth critique of the impact of MMP on women's political representation (and the place I stole this last graphic from) is to be found here.

Finally, for those who punt up Mr Winston Peters as a Reason Against MMP:

How many times was Winston Peters elected under an FPP system?

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Esmi said...

This is great :)