Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Yeah, right

 When my car insurance came up for renewal recently, I changed the ownership, removing my deceased husband's name. Today the new certificate of registration arrived from Land Transport. Enclosed with it was this doublesided, "his and hers" ad for personalised number plates.

This would be bad enough if it had just been put in my mailbox. But to have it knowingly sent out by a government department was incredible. What decade do they think we're living in? And that old excuse about it being "a clever joke" won't wash - we've heard that far too often as a lame attempt to justify blatant sexist crap. It's particularly appalling since after a divorce women are at high risk of lower incomes and poverty.
If you'd like to tell the plates people what you think of their ad, you can contact them via this webpage:
Or you can phone them on 0800 752 837 and ask to speak to the manager. 

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Julie said...

ARGH! Thanks for highlighting this Anne. I can see some future activity around speaking to marketing and advertising courses about not being offensive arses when they finish their studies (or indeed during them). I'll add it to the One Day list ;-)