Monday, 19 December 2011

Christmas conversations with Wriggly

Saturday morning
Wriggly:  Why aren't there any presents under our Christmas tree?
Me:  What would you do if I put presents under the tree?
Wriggly:  Unwrap them!
Me:  That's why there aren't any presents under the tree.
Wriggly:  *big grin*

Monday morning
Wriggly:  Mummy look!  *points at presents under the tree*
Me:  What are those?
Wriggly:  Presents!
Me:  Who are they for?
Wriggly:  Me!
Me:  Not all of them.
Wriggly:  Oh?
Me:  Who is this one for?
Wriggly:  Me!
Me:  No.
Wriggly:  Snuffly!
Me:  No.
Wriggly:  Daddy!
Me:  No.
Wriggly:  Mummy!
Me:  No.
Wriggly:  Um...
Me:  Who else lives here?
Wriggly:  Cat!
Me:  That's right, it's for Cat.
Wriggly:  Can I open it?
Me:  Is it Christmas yet?
Wriggly:  No.
Me:  You can help her open it on Christmas Day though.
Wriggly:  Ok.
Wriggly:  How come there are presents under the tree?
Me:  Because we decided that you could help by being our Christmas Present Guard.  It's your job to make sure that no one opens any of these presents until Christmas Day.  Not you, not Snuffly, not Daddy, not Mummy, not Cat.
Wriggly:  And not Neighbour!
Me:  That's right.
Wriggly:  And not Neighbour's Son!
Me:  Errr, yes.
Wriggly:  OK!!!!
Me:  So you understand there will be no opening presents until Christmas Day?
Wriggly:  YES!!!!!!
Wriggly:  Is that present for me?
Me:  No, but this one is.  *points to long cylinder-shaped present*
Wriggly:  It's a green clock!!!
Me:  Probably not. 

I am curious to see how many presents remain intact when I return home this evening.

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Giarne said...

Lovely, great idea to appoint an official christmas present guard! Lets see if it works :) I'm going to share this round ... so cute!!!