Friday, 24 February 2012

Queer Avengers protest media transphobia

This protest is TODAY (Friday). Wellington people, please come along if you can. Press release:

Members of the Queer Avengers, a queer and trans activist group, have called a protest against a transphobic article by Rosemary McLeod. The rally is taking place at 12:30 Friday 24th February, outside the headquarters of Fairfax Media, who own the Dominion Post.

McLeod’s article states that transmen are in fact women, repeatedly using the pronoun “he/she.” Outrage has erupted online, on Twitter and elsewhere. The Queer Avengers event is circulating widely on Facebook, with over 100 down to attend in the space of an hour.

While a Dominion Post spokesperson says the article was merely Rosemary McLeod’s ‘opinion,’ protesters point out that the Dominion Post provide a platform for such opinions.

“They’re just profiting off bigotry,” says Queer Avengers activist Emily Haskell. “It happens throughout the media, and we won’t stand for it.”

McLeod asserts that she is worried for the kids of transmen. However the Queer Avengers note that in another article printed on the same day, a US study noted that children who express themselves in ways contrary to their percieved gender are often targeted for abuse, leading to post-traumatic stress disorder. “Transphobia hurts children and parents,” asserts Queer Avengers activist Stephen Jackson.

The Queer Avengers formed out of a ‘Queer the Night’ march with around 300 attendants in 2011. They have called a press conference on Thursday the 13th of March to discuss press coverage of gender variance, following on from the rally at Fairfax headquarters.


I.M Fletcher said...
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Julie said...

Great initiative, good luck!

Anonymous said...

Awesome work.

scrubone said...

Protesting against someone pointing out the rather obvious facts of biology?

And modern feminists wonder why they're such a fringe group!

Anonymous said...

What "rather obvious facts of biology" are you talking about?

Yes, people with functioning uteruses can bear children. But not all people with uteruses are women.

Logical fail on your part, scrubone.


Simon said...
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