Monday, 13 February 2012


The trial begins today. 4 years, 3 months, 4 weeks and one day since the October 15th raids.  Four people are still facing charges: Tame Iti, Rangi Kemara, Emily Bailey and Urs Signer.  I will not recount the history of the case, I will just offer my solidarity. I think it's important not just to offer solidarity to the defendants but stand in solidarity with the struggle for te Mana Motuhake o Tūhoe.

I know I will struggle to write any more about the case.  My personal experience and political analysis  are intertwined in a way that makes it very difficult to write for a general audience.  The only thing I have to offer, besides what I have already said, is this poem:


Brett Dale said...

Still Iti thinks highly enough of the Crown to apply for and get Legal aid.

Emily said...

Brett Dale, I do not think "thinking highly" means what you think it means. Doing what you can within a system in order to survive it: not the same.

Solidarity to those still facing charges & to Tūhoe.

Maia, thanks for this poem & sending you support.

Brett Dale said...

It seems people on the right are going to think Guilty and people on the left are going to think not guilty, heres hoping the jury comes to their verdict solely by the facts of the case.