Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Upcoming event: Feminism and the Trans* Community, where to from here.

Feminism and the Trans* Community, where to from here?
St Andrew's on the Terrace (30 The Terrace)
Friday 9th of March - 7pm-10pm

A panel discussion that has grown out of the deep upset at Germaine Greer speaking in Wellington. Germaine Greer has spouted transphobic rhetoric for the past 40 years, and contributed to the harmful belief that Transgendered people do not fit into a feminist society.  The panel will be made up of a broad spectrum of feminists of different gender identities. There will be an opportunity for people to ask questions and also some prepared questions to help lead the discussion.

Entry - A small Koha, as the goal is to educate people about the issues and accessibility is paramount.

(And here's the facebook event for the group).

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