Thursday, 10 May 2012

Problem solved

As you have probably heard, and raged about , the government's current plan is to target young women who are on benefits (or whose parents are on benefits) for long-term contraception.

Colin Craig objects for the following reasons: 
"Why should, say, a 70-year-old who's had one partner all their life be paying for a young woman to sleep around? "We are the country with the most promiscuous young women in the world. This does nothing to help us at all."

Meanwhile Right to Life is really concerned about women getting tubal ligations.  They're worried for the following reasons:

  • It undermines the nature and purpose of marriage and sexuality. It goes against the dignity of sexual relations as intended by our Creator. It prevents the total gift of self because it excludes the potential for fertility.
  • Tubal ligation is the mutilation of a woman’s body and a violation of her human rights. Women have a right to the protection of the State.
  • Tubal ligation is an assault on the integrity of a woman’s body.
  • It is bad medicine, pregnancy is not a disease. There is no disease for which ligation would be a treatment. It is a medical procedure which is intended to destroy healthy organs.
I have the perfect solution to this:

A cage fight.

We lock all the people who think that certain women should have contraception forced on them and those who think women can't consent to sterilization or don't really know what contraception is, but know they're against it.

While they're fighting it out with each other those of us who believe that all people should have control of their bodies, and be able to select whatever contraception, or non-contraception, best works for them, without any financial obstacles, can take over the world.


A Nonny Moose said...

Hey RtL, know what really is a "mutilation", "assault" and "violation" on a woman's body? Forcing a woman to be pregnant against her will AND/OR forcing a woman into contraception against her will.

Holy shit, this idea of choice ONE WAY OR THE OTHER are not mutually exclusive? Personal agency and bodily autonomy: how does it werk?

anthea said...


Anonymous said...

You are aware that the contraception is not mandatory for women receiving benefits and it is completely their choice as to whether or not they take it? Are you against women having a choice now?