Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The tale of a billboard - part 1

Stella Artois beer advertisement, glamourous woman drinking beer, man gazing on, "She is a thing of beauty".  Someone has scrawled across the bottom of the billboard "She is not a thing."
Many thanks to Cathy Casey for this snap. 

I walk and drive past this billboard regularly, as I cross through the intersection of New North Rd and Sandringham Rd in Kingsland.

The above addition had been painted over but I noted yesterday that there was a new viewer comment (two in fact) which I will hopefully get a picture of to share before it gets painted over too.  If anyone has an image already do feel free to send it to me julie dot fairey at gmail dot com.


Tamara said...

I see this one a lot and it really bothers me too.

Moz said...

I'm surprised no-one has just pasted a sheet of white paper over the "S".

Also, if you were to do something like this, have someone else take the photos. Being found with the relevant equipment *and* photos of the damage might be a bit too much for the legal beagles.

Anonymous said...

I think you'll find the "she is a thing of beauty" is referring to the glass of beer.

The very fact you are repeating the ad for more to see it means the advertising agency has earned their fee for this one.

Tamara said...

Um, if it was just referring to the beverage then why feature a beautifully groomed woman in the ad at all? I think that's intended to have a double meaning.

A Nonny Moose said...

I'm guessing the Anon is being willfully obtuse on the meaning of double entendre.