Monday, 18 June 2012

Women's Political Representation

Long time no blog, sorry about that.

Here's something I prepared earlier - about three weeks' ago to be precise:  A presentation on women's political representation that I gave to the Social & Community Development Forum of Auckland Council.

It's about 19 minutes long, with the presentation itself taking up the first 8 minutes or so, then discussion with the panel, including a bit of a disagreement with one of the Governing Body members from 16 minutes onwards, and some rather, er, athletic chairing from Councillor Cathy Casey.

I can't seem to embed it, so click on the link above and it should start automagically - if not, go to this page on the Franklin Live website and scroll down to the second item under Meetings on the left hand side.  As far as I'm aware Franklin Live is the only media outlet doing really comprehensive coverage of the doings of Auckland Council's Governing Body, filming as much of the meetings and forums as they can and putting it up for all to see.

And big ups to erstwhile THM blogger and all-round awesome person Deborah, who you can visit at her own place and The Lady Garden.  She wrote a very timely article on the need for diversity in parliament, which I used for the back of my handout summarising the presentation.


Deborah said...

Thank you, Julie. I'm running a bit too close to empty at present (nothing major, just Too Much Work and Too Much Other Stuff), so it's very helpful to feel that what I do is Worth It.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a slight derail - but this: great new website looks at Pacific Women in Politics. It is a great resource to become informed about, and potentially support, women in politics in the region with the lowest representation of women in parliament of any in the world.
- Martha

Julie said...

Thanks Martha for sharing that - definitely not a derail imho. There was also an interesting interview from PNG's only female MP which I heard a little of on Nat Rad over the weekend.

And Deborah - your posts and columns are a ray of light in the gloom for me :-)