Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Marriage equality bill round up

These links are not necessarily to feminist spaces,  left wing spaces, rainbow spaces, or even particularity safe spaces. Some of them, you may want to get in, read only the piece linked *not the comments* and get the hell out ASAP.
Please feel free to add other links in the comments, I know I have missed TONS, but that’s only because I had literally no response to my request for links J

The place to start… the bill itself?

An easy way to contact your MP, if a whole letter is too exhausting today…

The Legalise Love website home page also has some great clicky resources.

Rainbow youth is also a mass amount of clicky links.

A guest post from a Young Nat on Kiwi blog.

Anthea at the hand mirror makes a stunning point in her piece love isn’t love isn’t love.

QoT steps up to point out that cookies aren’t given fordoing the right thing.

A fabulous letter sent out by 50 church leaders aboutmarriage equality in response to a Pastoral Letter from the Catholic Bishops of New Zealand to young New Zealanders

Julie at the hand mirror deals with that awkward moment when someone asks you to sign the Family First “Protect Marriage” petition. 

An ABC news piece on our progress so far.

A short piece on the march in wellington today in the NZ herald

Tamati Coffey speaks from the heart on his perspective ofgay marriage on

Scube at the Hand mirror does a piece reviewing Louisa Wall’sspeech at the university of Auckland last week.

Tim Watkin sees if we can debate the place of marriage in our society without divorcing ourselves from reality and the importance of preserving age-old customs

Emma at the Lady Garden has a very funny rant at Garth George’s overt discrimination.

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