Thursday, 23 August 2012

Sing it.

Some music loving feminists put together their fave 16 songs about violence against women last year, and while it has some definite highlights (Tracey Chapman, Aretha Franklin and Suzanne Vega would make my playlist too) there are so many songs missing I thought I'd add a few. 

Lucinda Williams changes the locks, her phone number, her car, her clothes, the train tracks and the name of her town to get away from an abusive man.  It's easier, after all, than him stopping his violence.

Ani DiFranco makes sure she has control over her sexuality as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, and has plans to get away from it all.

The extraordinarily talented Ms Dynamite calls out domestic violence big time and asks for better relationships for our daughters.

But the next runaway hit, I'm pretty sure, is by Taylor Ferrera, explaining what "legitimate rape" looks like for all those American politicians who are not quite sure.

More in comments, please.


Moz said...

Angie Hart "cold heart killer" (so not Frente)

Chumbawamba "A stitch in time" is possibly more of a revenge song, but it's definitely about domestic violence.

And of course Painters and Dockers "If he beats you leave"

Moz said...

I'm putting youtube links in a separate post because I'm not sure they'll get through.

(can't find a video for Painters and Dockers, the Youtube hit for that is a different song)

Hugh said...

There's that Tori Amos song, I think it's called "Oasis"?

LudditeJourno said...

Nice, thanks all, I'll be checking those I don't know out later :-)
Also wanted to put up some Billy Bragg - like when don't I? - but the Levi Stubbs Tears youtube I found not the best, which would have been my preference.
Painters and Dockers ahhhh first moshing experience, Vic Uni :-) ta Moz.

stargazer said...

i've always loved this song by toni child:

lyrics at the link.

Moz said...

"Steel-Hearted Annie" by Kath Tait, performed by Penelope Swales and others. It's about a woman's reaction to violence against women. Here's another strayan performing it:

I'm wondering whether "George" by Headless Chickens / Fiano Mcdonald counts.

Sarah Mclachlan "Good Enough"

Netherworld Dancing Toys "How Come?" mentions that and other painful subjects. Can I also recommend "NZ Love Song" just on a completely unrelated note because it's a nice song.

Moz said...

Stargazer, me too. It's both powerful moving. Plus I love her voice. The Sarah Mclachlan track just makes me cry.

(and if these captcha's get any harder I'll have to stop posting)

LudditeJourno said...

Chris Knox has performed some wonderful stuff too, about gendering of men preparing them to perpetrate violence. "Photographs of Naked Ladies" from his Toy Love days, "The Rapist" from solo.

Leena said...

Wow, I always had a completely different reading on "Change the Locks". But on reflection, I may have just been inserting my own history into it.

I'm not sure how Tori Amos' "Me and a Gun" has gone unmentioned thus far!

A couple of songs by Kiwi musicians:

Wilt by Jordan Reyne ("What does he think of love? Something you suffer from, pain that you rise above?") -

Mickey (You Call Her) by Lorina Harding - I can't find a source to listen to it online, but her albums are worth tracking down, especially if you like the likes of Lucinda Williams.

And maybe "Trick With a Knife" by Strawpeople -

Also Sleepless Commotion by The Murmurs - not a Kiwi band; Alice from The L Word's band!

LudditeJourno said...

Leena - yes, you are so right, I have a friend whose thesis centred on Tori Amos' work with survivors who would be HORRIFIED I didn't mention her first :-) thank you :-)
It was more thinking I could write such a long long post on this that really should be a journal entry...and it's lovely hearing from others too.
More to check out. Listened to that beautiful Toni Childs song last night stargazer. Moz, incredibly, I hadn't thought of George like that, thanks for the prompt.

LudditeJourno said... "Refuse to be a man" by the lead singer of Consolidated recording as ChildMan. Awesome call out about perpetrating sexual harassment and sexual violence.