Friday, 28 September 2012

Reading reports helps sometimes

More on Judith Collins and the alternative trial processes for sexual violence.  In parliament today Minister Collins explained she didn't want to have different processes for sexual violence cases than other kinds of awful crimes like kidnapping and murder - despite the crimes having different conviction rates and different experiences for those victimised.  She then tried to quote an opposition MP before being reminded by Lockwood Smith that she was supposed to be answering the question herself.

Minister Collins looks rattled on this - and underdone.  She doesn't appear to have read the Law Commission recommendations, or understand that the justice system is failing survivors of sexual violence in unique, proven-by-research ways.  She looks like she doesn't understand the issues.  She looks like she doesn't care. 

It's not a good look for a Minister of Justice with designs on party leadership.  Check it out here.


AnneE said...

I think Judith Collins probably likes to think of herself as a feminist, because she believes women are best served by the kind of "equality" that denies the continuing existence of entrenched sexism and injustice. So she refuses to recognise the need for any kind of "special measures" to deal with this, particularly in terms of the criminal justice system. So rape and other forms of sexual violence will continue to be largely carried out with impunity, no matter what the facts and the experts say.

K said...

Collins calls herself "pro-women" which is sort of hard to stomach after such a dismissive attitude to changes that support prosecution of what is a crime that predominantly effects female

LudditeJourno said...

Anne and K - yes, it is interesting to think about how Minister Collins thinks about this for herself. I'd not thought about that, I have to be honest, so thank you. With you on the hard to stomach, K.

Theresa Davy-Guzzo said...

It's disturbing to hear Minister Collins acknowledge that the current system fails victims of sexual crimes greater than other violent crimes ...and then say she won't look at any recommendations to correct this imbalance. She obviously no real concern for justice and healing in this area. She has lost my vote!