Friday, 5 October 2012

What about the war on greed?

Welcome, those who do not agree with seeing those most impoverished in our society treated like the cause of the recession, to the National Day of Action Against Welfare Reform.  There are peaceful events protesting the Government approach to social welfare at WINZ offices around the country:

NELSON: WINZ 22 Bridge street contact: or Facebook

DUNEDIN: Central WINZ Cnr St Andrews & Castle st contact (027) 259218 or Facebook

TAURANGA: Spring street Tauranga CBD, Facebook.

KAIKOHE: Rally at WINZ Kaikohe contact: or Facebook

AUCKLAND: Henderson WINZ contact or Facebook

WELLINGTON: Willis St. (Wellington City) WINZ contact Heleyni (029) 4949865, or Facebook

CHRISTCHURCH: Riccarton Rd WINZ contact (022) 1726120 or Facebook

HAMILTON: (022) 307 9324 or Facebook

HAWKE'S BAY: Hastings East WINZ Office. contact is (022) 6014959 or Facebook

If you think making sure children in the poorest families in Aotearoa are not penalised by ideological decision making designed to stop us paying attention to who continues to be doing just fine during the recession, get yourselves down to WINZ.  See Wellington supporters there.


K said...

According to his post in Frank covered the Willis Street Work and Income Office protest today in Wellington which will be the subject of an upcoming blog post here (it's not there yet):

Anonymous said...

Yes let's start a war on greed and cruelty. This nat govt has not done one positive thing fot this country. When will people see through the bs?

K said...

Well it helps that dear leader has constant memory lapses regarding briefings and is clearly quite different from the man known for his impressive recall ability and encyclopedic knowledge of finance we elected just a short time ago (and when I say "we" I don't mean me).