Thursday, 29 November 2012

Forced cuts to rape crisis line looming

Thanks to Kirsty of for this information:
Auckland's 24 hour rape crisis line is again under threat of closure -- less than 12 months since 7,000 of you signed my petition that forced PM Key to promise its survival.
The 24 hour rape crisis line is integral to our community. It’s the service that Auckland's sexual violence survivors can turn to for help. For thirty years, it's taken a call every hour of every day. 
A year ago, PM Key said he’d do his part to help rape survivors by funding the crisis line. But, we always said we'd need to stay vigilant and hold the government to their word. And now that the spotlight has dropped off, the Government thinks it can get away with slashing funding for this essential service. 
The service needs just $116,000 from the government to survive. And we know we can get that commitment again if we continue the pressure. Share the petition with at least 5 of your friends and have them add their names to support a vital service. An immediate and overwhelming response will show the Prime Minister that we're still watching.
This service will close unless we act now. The service's board will soon start offering redundancies to counselling staff -- the exact people rape survivors rely on for support and advice in their time of need. 
Volunteers and staff are planning some media events and are trying hard to get the word out. But take a moment to share the petition with at least 5 of your friends and do your part to help an essential service that many rely on.
P.S. After sharing the petition, it would be really helpful if you can leave a message with the PM's office on (04) 817 6800 -- and let him know how important this crisis line is for our community.

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