Friday, 8 March 2013

Feminist fails

When we acknowledge women who have spoken before us by commenting on their appearance.

When we tell a mother with a young baby that she shouldn't have brought him to an event.

When we assume the woman we haven't seen for years who turns up with her kids is a stay at home mum.

When we demand that someone else spend their time on something for us, even though they aren't really obliged to.

When we assume the youngest woman in the room is the most junior person.  Even when there are younger men.

When we restrict our definition of working to being in paid employment outside the home.


These are all things I've observed in the last week. 

We're not perfect, we never will be, and we are moulded by the environment we live in.  Somedays though I wonder if we all should try a little bit harder.


Deborah said...

I hear you, Julie.

James said...

"When we demand that someone else spend their time on something for us, even though they aren't really obliged to."

Sounding rather Libertarian there will be shrilled at by the lefty altruists....;-)

Julie said...

Actually James I have seen one instance of that particular one in the last week that has been a libertarian demanding others spend their time on something for them. Might wanna clean your own house first.

Mark Hubbard said...

No, actually if it's the case very close to hand, if some had cared to actually read his post, and updates, that libertarian was simply demanding restitution of an egregious wrong that, tables turned, would have rightly been seen as appalling by the contributors to this site. So quite a different matter entirely. He did say - for those who bothered to inform themselves on both sides of the 'debate' - he read Hand Mirror :)

Record straight and all that.

& yeah, I just keep digging ...

Julie said...

Mark, this is my post on a blog that I am one of the contributors to. I have written about how I have observed these things. You don't get to second-guess me on that.

Mark Hubbard said...

One is rightly 'second-guessed' when one is wrong, yes? I accept that on myself, it's how I continue to learn and develop.

Otherwise, where does reality fit into feminism?

Out of pure curiosity, did you ever read my post?

Julie said...

Mark, as per usual you are making something that isn't all about you all about you. Kindly cease commenting on this post, as a deletion often offends.

Scorpio said...

Jesus Mark, you're really not doing the "self-obsessed libertarian" stereotype any favours, are you?

James said...

I am not reponsible for what other Libertarians may do Julie....Im not a collectivist...;-)