Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Dear Left, This is a Great and Glorious Day - Don't Fuck it Up

If your celebration of her death you mention any of the following: miners, poll tax, unions, Ireland, milk, faulklands, nuclear weapons, unemployment, education, greenham common, immigration, privatisation, VAT, South Africa, Section 28, GLC, or indeed any political issue at all, then we agree about the appropriate way to celebrate this great and glorious day.

If your celebration of Margaret Thatcher's death communicates nothing about her but her her gender - then you're probably missing the point.

See it's easy.

In solidarity and joy


PS Seriously there are so many better songs than Ding Dong the Witch is Dead - try youtube.


Anonymous said...

I will say nothing about the death, other than to say I feel today the way I felt the day Reagan died.

Swifty said...

This post is beneath you.

what you see is what you get said...

@Swifty, probably not.
Beneath common decency, however.

Jackson said...


true. This is an appalling post and is beneath contempt.

Anonymous said...

People celebrating the death of anyone in this fashion is deeply disturbing to me. i am incredibly shocked at the insensitivity of these reactions. I don't care who it is or what they did - there is something deeply problematic about celebrating someones death.

I deeply opposed Thatcher's politics and think she made some truly terrible decisions. I am a proud 'lefty' but the way some people on the left are behaving on this day makes me feel deeply ashamed.

Miss Disturbed

V said...


If you want to reopen the loss making coal mines, there is nothing stopping you.
Spend your own money and those of your friends doing it, re-employ those workers and see how far you get.