Monday, 22 April 2013

masterchef fail

i've written many times over the years about masterchef - it's one of the few reality tv programmes i enjoyed watching.  and i tend to like the australian version more than the others, mostly because i really like the way they've done diversity in the past.

however.  i'm suddenly liking masterchef australia a whole lot less, and this promo would be why:

"destroy the joint" have decided to campaign against the ad & i really hope they get some traction.  the poll at the bottom of this article (if we can give any credence to this kind of poll) shows an overwhelming majority of people thinking the ad is sexist, which is probably more a result of the DtJ campaign than anything else.

but what's worrying is that some marketing/advertising people somewhere thought that this campaign was somehow a good idea.  i bet they're related to the people who thought up the latest stupid beer commercial airing on tv, which i'm not going to bother to describe further because it just makes me feel sick.

while it was great to see marvel withdraw their sexist t-shirts, sometimes it seems like a small win in an overwhelming tide of awfulness.  nonetheless, if you have the energy, here is the masterchef facebook page where you can register your views about this particular campaign.  given that they've been so open to diversity, maybe they can get around to stamping out the sexism in this particular ad.

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