Thursday, 25 April 2013

What's the funniest thing about marriage equality?

So you fancy yourself a bit of a comedian, with your finger dead on the pulse of the zeitgeist.  Marriage equality feels like a rich vein to mine.  You could go for gay crime sprees or legalising incest or big gay rainbows or marrying pets.  There's rich pickings, let's be honest.

Not Colin Craig, obviously, nothing funny to see here, move it along. 

Where do you go?  Back to your roots.

The narrow-minded hate mongering continues.  Boring, unimaginative, vicious.  Someday Tui, your billboards are going to feature in a museum of ridiculous memorabilia of past bigotries.  People will wonder "how on earth did these keep getting made?"  "What were beer drinkers thinking?"

I had a relationship, a long time ago, with a woman with two children.  This is the song those kids played whenever they wanted a way to jump up and down against the homophobia they wrestled with from people around them.  It's the anti-Tui.


ZenTiger said...

Hi. I don't quite understand the point you are making with regard to Colin Craig.

Are you saying that The Civilian was wrong to write a satirical piece on passing the marriage redefinition act causing flooding,


that it is wrong for Colin Craig to not like the fact that people make up quotes inventing what he says, so they can continue the meme he is homophobic?


that Colin Craig is homophobic, so he shouldn't do or say anything in his defense, regardless of how he is portrayed, because he deserves it anyway?

or something else again?

LudditeJourno said...

ZenTiger - Colin Craig is frequently hilarious, despite, I suspect, not meaning to be. So I was slightly tongue-in-cheek.
Objecting to the clearly satirical piece - and actually suing for $500 when he is ridiculously rich - is quite frankly absurd.
We don't need to invent Colin Craig being homophobic, he does that all by himself whenever he talks about sexuality.
That's what I was saying.

ZenTiger said...

Oh OK.

It's a pity that people need to invent things about what he says if he can do that all by himself. (Although I don't mean the satirical piece, I mean a fair amount of the other stuff that follows with people making even more stuff up about what he might also say.) It makes me wonder if people need to make sh*t up just to ensure they reinforce the homophobic meme.

On the other hand, I thought the request for $500 was just his little joke, but people can get so precious about money, they often fail to see the funny side.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, satire suddenly not so funny?


K said...

Colin Craig is showing his charitable side. Hiring lawyers to "threaten" the guy is his a Conservative method of donating to the cause.

A smart blogger should be able to live for at least a week on Adsense revenue alone courtesy of CC, although I see no method of monetization on site.

Anonymous said...

How defensive the Left is, and how intolerant their attitude towards those that don't agree with them. Sad irony. So much for tolerance.

LudditeJourno said...

Hey last Anonymous, see our comments policy if you want to comment again please.
But speaking, as I always do, on behalf of The Left, I will say this. Strikes me here it's Tui that's defending a position. The position of letting us all know what is "normal" and what is not.

A_Nonny_Moose said...

Hey last Anon, a little lesson in how satire works:

If you're making the jokes upwards (ie: against the historically privileged) it's satire.

If you're making the joke downwards (ie: against the historically marginalized) is reinforced bullying and discrimination.

If you don't like jokes being made against your privilege, then stop being a bully "downwards". There is no "both sides are just as bad".