Tuesday, 25 June 2013

For Queen and country

Monarchy New Zealand have come up with a delightful suggestion for celebrating the birth of our likely future monarch, the great-grandchild of our current Queen; lighting up notable landmarks either blue or pink depending on the gender of the baby.

It appears that yes this is for real, and not, as a friend suggested, a post that has accidentally been published at Stuff instead of The Civilian.

Quite apart from the issue about why we would want to particularly do this, at all, is the very tired, very old-fashioned and very sexist insistence on colour-coding based on gender.   It's been getting steadily worse in recent decades,and this Is Not Helping.

The old-fashionedness of this rubbish is relatively new.     And what about thinking beyond two genders?  I sincerely hope that all the local authorities approached to take part in Monarchy New Zealand's bizarre idea have a good chuckle then offer a firm no.

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