Tuesday 12 November 2013

Saturday 16 November: End Rape Culture

This Saturday, 16 November, is a national day of action against rape culture.  The last week has been incredible, and while so much of it has been so depressing; there have also been so many amazing people speaking out, and organising against rape culture.  Giovanni Tiso has called it a surging tide, which it is - but unlike tides, which are the work of moons, this is the work of people, and if we organise we can have a permanent effect on future low and high tide marks (we're right at the edge of my knowledge about tides here).

So this post is about how we can build Saturdays demonstrations to be large and powerful.  It's mostly a collection of links, so people have easy access to information.  But my basic message is - invite people to come.  Invite them in facebook, invite them in person, invite them through a poster or chalking.  We all move in different networks - invite yours.

Auckland: Meet 2pm at QE2 Square Britomart

Wellington: Meet 2pm at the Bucket Fountain

Christchurch: Meet 12 pm at Remembrance Bridge

Dunedin: Meet at the Museum lawn at 11am

Palmerston North: Meet 2pm at the Square

Hamilton: Meet 7.30pm at Garden Place

If you're on tumblr, here's a nifty post you can share which lists all the demonstrations.


The Auckland poster is here - but it doesn't haven't the event details - you'd need to add those.  This is a poster from the facebook group Misogyny busters.

The Hamilton poster as a jpg

The Palmerston North photo as a jpg

The Wellington poster in jpg and pdf

The Christchurch event doesn't have a poster yet, but the organising meeting is on Wednesday.

If you can, print out a few posters and put them up wherever people will see them - at work, in a shop, in a community hall, at your school, etc. etc. etc.

Placard Making
Have something you want to say about the last week? There are organised banner and placard making sessions in Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington:

Auckland: 12 noon on Wednesday in the quad, Auckland University

Hamilton: 5.30pm on Wednesday at the Trade Union Centre on Harwood St

Wellington: 6.00pm on Wednesday at 19 Tory St.

Or make your own at home and bring it along

See you all there!


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