Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Open thread: The prime minister, the pony tail, and the disturbing sense of entitlement

Very quick post on this breaking news today, here are some links if you have no idea what this is about:

The guest post on The Daily Blog where the waitress explains that the Prime Minister has been pulling her pony tail when he visits the cafe she works at.

Herald article giving Key's apology

Stuff summary

My initial thoughts, after WTF, are:

  • There appears to be no dispute about the basic facts
  • You don't need to touch other people
  • There is a huge power imbalance between the Prime Minister and someone working in hospitality in a junior position 
  • When asked to stop he didn't
  • Intention isn't magic - harassment should be determined by the person the action is done TO, not the person who is doing it to them
  • Who pulls ponytails?  Seriously, why would you do that?

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Jessica Parsons said...

Like RH John Kreeyp, I couldn't resist...

"Bored, bored, bored....Oh Look! A young perky waitress. And she has hair. I like hair. Especially long silky hair in ponytails like That Hair. I'd be so not bored if I could touch that hair. How can I touch that hair?"

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