Tuesday, 14 October 2008

2008 Election Candidate Survey

We sent a survey out to all the candidates in the 2008 general election, asking for candidates' personal responses to a series of questions about issues that concern women.

This page gives links to each response. The parties are listed in alphabetical order, and each candidate who has responded is listed under their party's name in alphabetical order, together with the electorate they are contesting (if any) and their list position, if they are also on the list.

Hilary Calvert, Dunedin North, no. 6
Colin du Plessis, Ohariu, no. 9
Matthew Gardiner, Wigram, no. 38
Ted Howard, no. 36.
Peter McCaffrey, Otaki, no. 43
Tom McClelland, Whangarei, no. 44
Lyn Murphy, Manukau East, no. 14
Peter Tashkoff, Te Tai Tokerau, no. 7

Victor Billot, Dunedin North, no. 3
Kelly Buchanan, Ohariu, no. 15
Sarah Campbell, no. 6
Sarita Divis, Auckland Central, no. 9
Quentin Findlay, no. 23
Kay Murray, Dunedin South, no. 1
Matthew Stephen, no. 18
Richard Wallis, Wellington Central, no. 5

Democrats for Social Credit
Katherine Ransom, Tauranga, no. 4

Green Party
Green Party response to questions 2 to 10
Individual candidates' responses to questions 1 and 11
Sue Bradford, East Coast Bays, no. 3
Mikaere Curtis, Tamaki-Makaurau, no. 16
Catherine Delahunty, East Coast, no. 8
Rayna Fahey, no. 27
Sue Kedgeley, Wellington Central, no. 5
Mojo Mathers, Christchurch East, no. 13
Jan McLaughlan, Christchurch Central, no. 25
Lynette Vigrass, Rimutaka, no. 31
Donna Wynd, Manukau East, no. 20

Independent candidates
Rita Beckmannflay, Waitakere

Kiwi Party
Kiwi Party response

Labour party response
Individual candidates' responses
Jordan Carter, Hunua, no. 70
Paul Chalmers, Whangarei
Erin Ebborn-Gillespie, Wigram, no. 51
Hugh Kininmonth, Coromandel, no. 75
Hamish McCracken, Northcote, no. 50
Anjum Rahman, no. 61
Kate Sutton, Epsom, no. 63
Michael Wood, no. 56

Richard McGrath, Wairarapa, no. 2
Tim Wikiriwhi, Hamilton West, no. 10

The Maori Party
Maori Party response

National party response

New Zealand First
Doug Woolerton, Hamilton East, no. 4

Progressive party response

RAM (Residents Action Movement)
Daphne Lawless, New Lynn, no. 9

United Future
Kelleigh Sheffield-Cranston, Waimakariri, no. 17
Vanessa Roberts, Wigram, no. 14
Brian Ward, Rangitata, no. 18


Julie said...

Thanks Deborah for putting that together, gotta love teamwork :-) I can confirm that we have 6 more survey responses already, which will go up over the rest of this week, and I'll add more in to the mix as they come through. So far Labour are leading the way with responses - four from them as of right now.

I'm trying to spread the responses from each party out a bit, to make things a bit more interesting and give each party a fair whack at some blog time.

Alison said...

Is it possible to link to Peter Tashkoff's (ACT Party candidate for Te Tai Tokerau) comment in Maia's post on student allowances here? He says in it that he was coming to see if the survey was "worth" replying to. It's pretty obvious from his comment that he doesn't see women in NZ as facing any problems that can't be solved by the free market. I'd like to see it listed here, because it's important to see what people say when they choose not to reply, as well as when they do.

Anna said...

Fair enough - he made his comments in his capacity as a candidate, and therefore on behalf of the party. What do you think, Julie?

Julie said...

Yep, I have already indicated to Peter T that I'll be putting it up as a response at some point, when I get a chance. Any of the other bloggers feel free to do it if you get a chance!