Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Election Survey: Tim Wikiriwhi (Libertarianz)

Tim Wikiriwhi is the Libertarianz candidate for Hamilton West and is number 10 on the Libertarianz party list. His answers are below, and a full index of candidate responses to date can be found here.

You may have noticed that usually I don't add anything to a candidate survey post. On this occasion I would just like to add that I am not sure whether the candidate is poking the borax. I leave it in your hands to determine your own views, dear readers.

The Questions & Answers
Question 1. What do you believe is currently the single biggest issue facing New Zealand women, and how would you like to address it if you are elected?
The Feminist movement has woman running to Nanny state, not to undo real legal oppressions, but to actually impose them upon men! This militant politicalisation of the war of the sexes has made woman a liability in the business world (and even in the bedroom after two years!). We need more freedom, less feminist violations of legal equality and more female non political self reliance.

Question 2. New Zealand women are paid, on average, over $300 a week less than men, and the difference is worse for Maori and Pacific Island women. What do you propose as a first step towards closing the gender pay gap?
This is a great question as it shows that the greater the political socializations, the greater the disadvantage. Socialist intervention is always detrimental as it attempts to thwart the principle of equality before the law. Island and Maori woman suffer the most as they currently have the greatest level of socialist intervention. Dump every reference to Sex and Race from our laws! This will surely help!

Question 3. Do you think NZ's current approach to reproductive rights (abortion, contraception etc) is correct? (Yes or No or No Answer, please)
If not, what changes would you want to make?
No! As a Christian I am appalled that my taxes are used to kill children! This does not mean I wish to impose my religion onto everyone! I know abortions cant be rightfully banned without encroachment upon a woman's sovereignty over her own body, Yet I reject totally The tax payer
funding this whole immoral business. Let those who want to kill their own babies pay for it too!

Question 4. The police and the courts do not work in preventing violence against women. What other government actions would you take to ensure women can live without fear.
The right to bare the means of self defense ie The right to carry a pistol in your purse, The right to present that pistol on the street when they feel they are in danger from strangers, and the right to shoot intruders in their homes and on their properties.

Question 5. Those who do the caring work in our society, paid and unpaid, are often the least recognized and the lowest paid, and they work the longest hours. What do you see as the priority to address these issues for those caring for our sick, our elderly and our children?
Certainly not State hand outs which turn voluntary charity into institutionalized welfare! A complete deregulation of Health services on the other hand would encourage the growth of real caring voluntary organizations to be created by caring people to aid those who desire to undertake care-work without crating bureaucratic top heavy Socialistic tyrannies and taxes.
Our policies that massively reduce taxes will greatly increase the ability of society to aid real charity.

Question 6. The Ministry of Health has recently launched a campaign to encourage breastfeeding and is now recommending that babies be breastfeed to at least one year old. What do you think the government could do to ensure that every woman who wants to breast feed can?
We Libertrarianz seek to reduce the power of the state so that the absurdity of such a question is exposed! Surely smart woman do not think their Breasts are the legitimate concern of their local MP? We Libz are appalled by the notion that woman would consider this a political issue! It is Socialism that has tricked you into thinking your own body is the domain of politics!

Question 7. What single measure do you think our political organizations could take to better encourage young women to be involved and take on leadership positions in our communities?
The assumption of this question is either that woman are some how politically disadvantaged today or that Male chauvinism is the devil and Feminist Political intervention is The solution.
I don't buy it esp when we have had PM Helen Clark, Chief Justice Margaret Wilson, And Dame Catherine Tizzard as Governor general, and A woman CEO of Telecom, all at the same time! Is not this question a feminist throwback from the Victorian age? Where have all the Men
disappeared to?

Question 8. Do you see domestic violence as an issue for women, for men, or for all New Zealanders? (Women, or Men, or all New Zealanders please)
If elected, what strategies would you like to pursue to eliminatedomestic violence?
Today our children who are the future of our society are not being mentally equipped to deal will adulthood and self responsibility. Get The State out of Education! A deregulated education system will make possible schools that teach solid values, even personal/religious values essential for any civilized society, yet cannot be imposed by political force. Violence in society will abate in proportion to the abatement of socialism and growth of personal ethics.

Question 9. Successive governments have effectively cut the Domestic Purposes Benefit. Do you believe people raising children alone should have sufficient financial support from the state so that they do not need to go to work until they believe that is the best choice for their family? (Yes or No or No Answer, please)
NO NO NO! The DPB has made Bastard children into a cash crop for harlots! It is evil! Esp for the Children! The DPB destroyed my own family. It was The DPB that showed me the evils of

Question 10. Women do the vast majority of cooking and shopping, and increases in food prices are a burden borne disproportionately by women. What do you think our government can or should do to ensure that everyone has access to good food?
Stop Kyoto! These taxes will go strait onto food costs. All the other parties are liars if they say they want to keep food costs down yet are hell bent on this most heinous and useless Tax
burden that is about to fall. It is not the Big corporations who will Pay the Kyoto bill, but you consumers.

Question 11. (The catch-all) (No answer given)


Anna said...

Classic! It's about time someone took a stand against harlots.

smellex said...

Are these answers real? Was he getting progressively more drunk as he wrote them?

stargazer said...

ah, you have to live in the waikato and get the waikato times to understand that this is mr wikiriwhi in his true form, totally sober amd totally sincere. i believe he stood in ham east last election, thank goodness he's moved off to the west. we already have gary mallett to deal with over here, who would probably have given the exact same answers!

ideologicallyimpure said...

I love the Libertarianz. I can quite honestly never tell whether something is their actual policy or someone taking the mick.

Kakariki said...

Yes, as a former resident of the fine city of Hamilton, I can assure you this is Tim being deadly serious.


Tim Wikiriwhi said...

I don’t know why you ladies think I might not be serious about these issues; it is not easy to make a proper argument in little space, yet we all got the same slot for which I am very grateful. I thank Julie and the hand mirror for taking the trouble to do this survey and for having the integrity not to just ask the status quo but to include every party on offer thus giving their readers the full picture. They are to be commended above the mainstream Media which gives page after page to the status quo and virtually nil from any ‘outsiders’.
Now I am standing to offer you ladies something different.
I don’t give a rats bum about becoming an MP for its own sake or to say whatever is popular to con you into voting for me.
My first priority is to offer you an alternative to the status Quo, and one that otherwise would not be an option. Thus I hope We Libertarianz at least to have some gratitude from you for supplying you with another option on your ballot slip.
Have you not had enough of die while u wait surgery?
Have you not had enough of schools teaching your children to accept apartheid?
Is my sanity is being questioned for the apparent ridiculousness of promoting Self reliance and voluntary association instead of State dependence and high taxes?
Am I a fool for expecting woman to respect equality before the Law instead of sexism and racism?
Did I not say your own body was a private thing?
Where have I erred?
Tim W

Julie said...

Tim, in terms of being taken seriously I think it's at least partly the exclamation marks, the fervour, and the "harlots" and "bastard children." But maybe that's just me.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your comments.
I make no apology for offending PC Socialists by specking up for all the fatherless children that have been propagated simply to claim the DPB.
We are talking about thousands of them!
The term poor Bastards aptly applies.
It is the Anti- Christian feminists who doesn’t want this ugly truth to be spoken aloud.
Feminist Socialism is guilty of creating a Bastard industry in direct contradiction to Christian values. Feminism and Christianity are also diametrically opposed on the issue of abortion yet as a Libertarian I do not seek to impose my personal beliefs upon anyone. I emphatically reserve the right to pour scorn on all those Socialists who are robbing me blind through taxation to fund their own sick atheist totalitarian religion at my expence.
Indeed I reserve the right to resist!
This evil DPB system that turns children into a commodity must be exposed and stopped.
And as for Harlots comment, I was not talking about working ladies but about sluts who prey on drunken men for their seed so as to get the DPB.
I have spent years defending Working Girls rights here in Hamilton!
I have made legal submissions in their defense during the Hamilton Brothel By law and much more.
Check out this PR.


As a Christian Libertarian I have compassion for prostitutes. Not a phobia, nor hatred.
I call some my friends.
Tim Wikiriwhi.

Carl said...

This response is either a masterpiece of satire or a cry for the attention of a psychiatric health professional.

Nikki said...



Ex-DPB Mum with a fatherless-child who was also quite terribly drunk at the time of conception.