Tuesday, 28 October 2008

something different... not!

worst ad ever would have to be the latest one on tv for the women's health magazine. you might remember it, it's the one where a young woman hears various other magazines talking to her. the messages are constantly negative, telling her she's too fat, bad in bed etc etc. then the ad tells us that this new magazine is for real women and treats them with respect.

except that the cover shows a stick-thin model, and the main feature article is about how to get your best beach body. in other words, just another mag to help you feel inadequate about yourself. yay, just what we needed!


Anna said...

'Health' is often misused as a new word for old beauty standards!

muerk said...

I'm so glad someone else noticed the irony in this ad. Honestly I think my eyeballs got hot just rolling around when I saw this stupid ad.

I mean, really.