Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Submit those posts!

The monthly Down Under Feminists Carnival is coming up fast. This time it's being hosted by Penguin Unearthed, another trans-Tasman blogger (she's got family in NZ, and visits regularly). She's especially interested on posts about work, but any feminist post is welcome.

Per carnival founder Lauredhel's call (in her post announcing the previous edition of the carnival), it would be good to see some new faces in the carnival, so even if you don't have a post to submit from your own blog, how about having a hunt around other blogs you read, and submitting some posts you admire, especially from people who haven't been in the carnival yet. It's a great way to direct some traffic to people you think deserve to be heard.

The carnival submission form is here, but it's temporarily down. So instead, send your contributions direct to Penguin Unearthed: penguinunearthed at gmail dot com.

Submissions are due on October 31. That's this Friday, so you've got today, tomorrow and the next day to enjoy yourself browsing some blogs, and finding some fascinating posts to submit.

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