Friday, 7 November 2008

don't give up

unlike julie, i haven't got a sense of doom. i think left-wing parties still have a very good chance of forming the next government. i have a strong sense of deja vu, when we were written off just prior to the 2005 election. i didn't believe it then, i don't believe it now.

there's still a lot of work to be done tomorrow, and a lot of us will be out doing it. if you have a spare couple of hours, help us to get out the vote and prove the polls wrong again. as guyon espiner (of all people) said last night, they only have to be wrong by a couple of percentage points for the outcome to be significantly different.

no point in giving up until we have done all that is possible to be done. sleep well tonight people, cos we sure are in for a bumpy ride tomorrow.


Julie said...

I did say it was a slight sense of doom! I tend to get down before elections, (and extra-so when I have a cold) so don't listen to me!

And I'll be doing what I can to help get the vote out tomorrow - if anything can get a Labour-led Govt back in it'll be strong turn-out from our people. Fingers crossed for no rain!

Carol said...

I'm nervous. So much in the balance. Gotta go to work today, otherwise I would try to get out and help. Thanks to all of you who've put in the hard yards on here and on the campaigns.

barvasfiend said...

I have a sense of doom. My mother emailed me; "I think I'll vote National. I'm just so sick of Auntie Helen telling us what to do"

IT's depressing when National's lazy stupid 'nanny state' campaign tactics work on the people who should vote for them least (i.e dental nurses on rotation in the poorest schools in wellington).

Can no one remember 1991? Can't they remember leaving hospital with a bill for 'bed nights' to "discourage you from staying in hospital" as if they could bill you out of cancer.


Hugh said...

Because Uncle John will never tell us what to do. If we want to go on the dole, that's fine with him. Honest.