Saturday, 8 November 2008

To the ballot boxes!

For those who can't read the caption (like me) it states:
Lady – “I give it up. I cannot fix on which of those two hats I like the better.”
Attendant – “Ah, then how is madam ever going to vote?”
These days we might give a wry smile, but this was drawn by a male cartoonist in the USA in 1911, nine years before women were granted universal suffrage across that nation.

Thanks to Stevedore at for sending this in, from this link here at Wondermark, where there's another great suffrage cartoon too.

Update (by Deborah): I'm interrupting Julie's post to add a link to a post at Homepaddock, where Ele writes about an elderly Dunedin resident who turns 100 today.
On the day of her birth, newspapers reported demonstrations by suffragettes in London.

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anna c said...

This reminds me of this cartoon which was going round a couple of years ago.

Obviously the cartoons are from opposite sides, but it's a reminder that views about women's inability to make decisions for themselves are very much alive and well, even if they take different forms.

(Not very much the optimist today, me.)