Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Feminist Event: Anarcha-Feminist self-defence hui

Found at Indymedia, where you can find out a bit more than I've reproduced below:

A 2-day workshop about Womyn’s Self Defence and Self Defence from State Oppression will take place in Wellington on the last weekend of November.

The first day will be dedicated to learning to define our personal space and boundaries, helping each other keep safe, and physically and mentally defending ourselves.

The second day will be dedicated to exploring the different ways we can defend ourselves from the State and its various ways of attacking and oppressing us as activists.

Come and kick Patriarchy and the State’s ass, while enjoying other wimmin’s company in a safe, stimulating and fun environment.

Please fill in and send registration form to selfdefencehui (at) by the 23/11, as number of participants is limited.

If you are organising, or know of, an event that may be of interest to our readers please get in touch!

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