Saturday, 3 January 2009

8th Down Under Feminists Carnival

The 8th Down Under Feminists Carnival is up at stephiepenguin. It's jam packed with fantastic posts, on parenting, and image, and work, and language, and things to make you angry, and because it's her turn to host the carnival, and she will highlight it if she wants to, stephiepenguin has also included some great posts about Asian women. And there's the usual feminist miscellany - you know, the quotidian nonsense that reminds us why we are feminists in the first place. The great holiday reading just what I need on this drizzly windy Taranaki day (and it seems that most of the rest of the country is enjoying similar summer weather).

Happy reading!

We will be hosting the 9th Down Under Feminists Carnival here at The Hand Mirror in early February. Check the carnival homepage for guidelines (roughly, anything feminist, broadly interpreted, written by anyone down under, or from down under, broadly interpreted). When you read an interesting post, submit it using the Down Under Feminists Carnival submission form. It would be lovely to get posts from new and/or not-so-well-known bloggers, as well as from the usual suspects.

Carnival founder and Hoyden Lauredhel is looking for hosts for future carnivals. If you would like to host the carnival, contact her at her gmail address. Her e-mail handle is lauredhelhoyden. Or you can contact her via the form at Hoyden About Town. You don't need to run a "feminist" blog to host the carnival - seeing the world from a feminist point of view is what the carnival celebrates, and if that's what you do, then perhaps you might consider helping with the carnival.


Julie said...

Thanks for organising this Deborah, and for keeping us all up to date about where the Carnival is at :-) Yay for stephiepenguin!

Carol said...

Thank-you for this. There is a load of great blogs and posts here.

But why am I seeing nothing from down-under femininists on Gaza? The F-Word has drawn attention to feminist responses to the violence being perpetrated in Gaza, with large numbers of female, who havde no control over the events destrying their livs and bodies.

I am very disturbed and despairing at the events unfolding in Gaza at the moment.

Julie said...

I was just thinking about the Gaza situation and what I could possibly write about it on the way to work. I feel as you do, Carol, and I think that's part of what makes it hard to write about. I can't pretend that I can ever imagine what that's like, to be there, so how can I say anything that isn't trite? Thanks for the link to the links, I will have a look at them in the next few days and see if I can dredge up anything worth posting.

Carol said...

Thanks, Julie. I see that Stargazer is contemplating making some comment on Gaza now she is back from a break.

IMO, it is important right now for those of us against the latest aggression from Israel, to express our concern strongly and publicly.

I watch both the NZ news reports on the situation and those on Al Jazeera on Triangle each morning. It seems to me that governments of Arabic countries have been divided by US/UK/Israeli governments having kind of (at least partly) bought them off in recent years.

But the Arabic governments may be struggling to achieve some kind of united approach. Meanwhile grassroots protests by people in Middle Eastern countries and elsewhere are gaining in momentum.

Many of us just feel that there has been far too much violence and blood-letting, and something should be done urgently to stop it, especially the violence against the least empowered people, such as many women and children.

Anna said...

Carol, I couldn't agree more. Like Julie, I've considered writing about the Gaza situation (I've certainly been thinking about it), but I'm caught between feeling despair about it and having very little to say that is insightful.

There's a protest at 12.30 outside MFaT today for those Wellingtonians who are keen.