Monday, 5 January 2009


December was something of an anti-climax after a big-hitting November, but that seems to be reasonably common across the blogosphere as the year winds down but everyone gets busy with family, friends, and pursuits that don't involve sitting inside so much.

December 2008:
Posts: 42 (average of 9 a week)

Comments: 204 (average of four most commented posts: [25+16+12+11]/4 = 16)

Most commented on post: My post Diversity Deficit: UOA's "Leading the Way" campaign (25 comments), then Anna's Sex workers are people too (16 comments and still growing).

Guest posts: none in December (sorry!)

Page loads: 9,813 (317 a day)

Biggest day: December 1st, 594 page loads

Unique visitors: 6,650 (215 a day)

Thanks to everyone for your support and efforts during 2008, roll on 2009 (oops, it is January 5th, guess it has been rolling on without me just fine).

November 2008 stats.


Lita said...

Not only is the sunshine trying to woo me away from le lappy, but I've found since the US and our elections, I've lost some blo-jo and reduced my obsessive stalklurking. Tis good news for my real life, but my online life (and stats) suffer greatly.

Julie said...

It's always interesting to see who comes back to blog after the Xmas break, when real life options are significantly more attractive than second life ;-)