Tuesday, 6 January 2009

The dog ate my blog posts

Things I meant to do in my holidays (now sadly over):
  • update the blogroll (take off the defunct ones, add new ones, etc)
  • write lots of really interesting posts that I could then put up over the next little while at times when the ol' writing well was a bit dry
  • consider some stuff we might do this year (I haz ideaz) and begin such discussions with the wonderful women who collaborate on this blog
  • contact some people I think would do great guest posts for us
I blame the weather, as we don't actually have a dog. It was just too nice. Most of the time.

Oh and I guess now that I'm a mum I can blame the baby too! Oh yes, let's do that. Totally Wriggly's fault, with all his cuteness and his interesting developments, like finding curly-headed people hilarious and brazenly scooting around on his hands and knees.

In fact he nearly inspired a(nother) blog post. I was going to call it All I want for Christmas is poo. I made an unwise bet with Wriggly's father, regarding our arrival time in Rotorua over the festive season. I thought we would certainly be there by 12.30pm, and the deal was that 12.29pm or earlier and I won. Sadly we pulled into the Great Grandfather's drive at 12.36pm. This meant I got to change every nappy, until Wriggly was clean and in bed asleep in his cot around 10pm on Christmas Night. I swear he doesn't normally poo quite so much. I'm sure he did it out of love.

I thought about making a New Year's resolution to blog every day. Clearly that's just doomed to failure; far too ambitious. After all I'm already significantly behind on it, and it's not even the end of January. Most New Year's resolutions take three weeks to die, but this one would have been a zombie from day one.

So I've picked a new resolution, one I believe has the ability to radically change my life, in little ways, and which requires minimum effort on my part. I have resolved to win Lotto in 2009. I am going to achieve my goal not by buying a ticket each week though, as that would be a futile waste of money. Instead I am only going to bother shelling out my $11 for a Basic Power Dip when it's really worth my while, say when the jackpot is $10 million or more. I mean a smaller prize is just not value for money.

Maybe I should try the blogging resolution as well, just to be on the safe side...

Wish me luck!


The Paradoxical Cat said...

I have a friend who is a statistician, who commented once: "Lotto is a tax on the mathematically challenged." :-)

Am happy to wish you good luck, but you could also try my strategy for a guaranteed moderate size Lotto win. Put the $11 a week in a jar, and try to forget about it, and once a year you can suddenly discover the pile of money, and then announce to everyone: "I won $572 on Lotto!"

They'll be very impressed. Who ever hears of a win even that size?

Thanks Julie for your kind wishes on my first Christmas as an orphan. I hope the joy of your baby's first birthday doesn't get too overshadowed by sadness.

- Pamela

Julie said...

At least if I put the $11 in a jar at the end of the year the jar wouldn't ask me if I wanted the payout in Lotto tickets...

Although that might be a good strategy, surely? ;-)

Thanks for your kind wishes too, it was a bit hard but it's over now. I've felt a bit like the grief has changed somehow since January 1st, not sure how or why, but it's kind of like I've assimilated it maybe? I hope you are going ok too.