Friday, 9 January 2009

MCP Watch: Tim Selwyn on the inadequacies of lady journos

Someone else may wish to write something pointing out in detail the stupidity of this post by Tumeke blogger Tim Selwyn, but for now I figured I'd just highlight it to y'all. Looks like he's been reasonably thoroughly castigated in the comment section, although he's unrepentant it seems.

Lowlights from Selwyn's post, which is ostensibly about a news story that omits to communicate a key detail:
I've just seen a story that lacks the crucial and most obviously necessary data.
- There is a 90% chance you are reading a story by a female journalist.

There's no attempt in the article to provide an answer or explanation for what has happened.
- There is a 85% chance you are reading a story by a female journalist.

The author uses first person (I and Me and My) and never lets up, turning the assignment into a story about themselves.
- There is an 80% chance you are reading a story by a female journalist.

The author fails to put whatever has happened, or whatever things they are talking about into any meaningful context or perspective.
- There is an 70% chance you are reading a story by a female journalist.

Are all female journalists like this?
- No, of course not.

Are all male journalists unlike this?
- Pretty much, yes.
That's right ladies, we should never ever consider journalism as a career because we would be too emotional and inaccurate. No doubt it gets worse if we write at That Time Of The Month.

I roll my eyes in Mr Selwyn's general direction.


The Bewildering Case of Ms Enid Tak-Entity said...

Hmm, made up statistics... is Tim a lady journalist?

Carol said...

Well according to Tim's logic, a woman wouldn't attempt to use such facts/stats. So using Tim's logic, and with reference to our critique of his comments, should we conclude that most male journalists aim to support the content of their articles with facts and stats, whether they are true or concocted?

I've agreed with many of Tim's arguments on various topics, but this one on female journalists is not one of them.

Ari said...

I can certainly say that there is a high correlation between poor journalistic quality and lack of data, explanation, or wider perspective.

There are both male and female journalists (and "journalists") who are clearly guilty of this.

There are more men because more men write stories that need such data, explanations, and wider perspectives.

Quoth the Raven said...

Tim Selwyn often has foolish opinions. He's a nationalist of course (which is a most absurd proclivity) and prone to outbreaks of intolerance and xenophobia. From a former Act party supporter could we really expect much more.