Friday, 9 January 2009

Everyday sexism - the Facebook status update edition

Julie is so apoplectic with outrage she can't even write a blog post about it. posted about an hour ago
Anna posted at 11.55 on 9th January
Oh dear - what outrage do I need to know about now?

Azlemed posted at 11.59 on 9th January
must be bad if you can't blog about it

Julie posted at 12.00 on 9th January
The receptionist walked right past two of my male colleagues to ask me if I could take the phones while she and the other admin person went out to lunch. The ONLY reason is that I'm a woman. When I started to question that she decided she might ask the other two and one of them helpfully volunteered.

DG posted at 12.07 on 9th January
Shock! Horror! In a moment of impulse, the receptionist was being sexist by discriminating against her male colleagues! Do you seriously believe this Julie? Perhaps she asked you because you have a better phone manner than your other two male colleagues?

Enid posted at 12.10 on 9th January
Oh DG, do you not know that only teh womenz talk on teh fone. Teh menz communicate by manly psychic powers alone..

DG posted at 12.12 on 9th January
We have three very able and polite males working on our phones in our [redacted] support centre. They are definitely not psychic!

Julie posted at 12.13 on 9th January
Nope, she asked me because I was the only other woman in the office. She didn't even think to ask them until I started to question why she was asking me in particular. Clearly she didn't want to diminish their essential manly fluids by excessive exposure to a telecommunications device.

Enid posted at 12.15 on 9th January
Telecommunications devices are a total killer for the essential manly fluids. They also diminish men's psychic communication powers by jamming the signal (received via chest and nose hair).

Enid posted at 12.16 on 9th January
Unless they're an iPhone of course.

DG posted at 12.32 on 9th January
and our guys don't suffer from excessive nose hair yet in their life cycles, nor do they have iPhones. Keep up the jovial stereotypes Enid, you are making me have a good laugh on the last few days of my vacation.

I might go get a woman to cook my eggs now LOL

Anna posted at 12.49 on 9th January
Perhaps you should also clean the kitchen Julie - you have a better kitchen manner.

Julie posted at 13.06 on 9th January
I note you didn't comment on the hairy-chestedness, or otherwise, of your male colleagues DG...

DG posted at 13.08 on 9th January
there's only so far that I would delve regarding what men have under their shirts. Chest hair also occurs on some women so it's not an area for discussion really.

Eric posted at 13.12 on 9th January
DG. Stop Digging.


Jenny said...

That reminds me of the place I worked about a decade ago. The staff consisted of five persons - the CEO, his wife who was the bookkeeper, and three shipping agents of which I was the only woman. My job was fairly time-sensitive; if I missed the deadline for filing customs papers it'd cause expensive delays for our customers.

Whenever we'd had visitors to the office, or the kitchen just looked messy, the bookkeeper/secretary would tell me to clean up the kitchen. I once questioned why she didn't ask one of the men, and she told me "because they have work to do".

Lita said...

I feel your pain.

It's always "one of the girls" who has to organise the birthday card/leaving present/xmas lunch in the offices I have worked in.

It must be that 'the girls' have exceptional organisation and social skills - nowt to do with women loving shopping, naturals at feeding folk, or that there is a larger number of females at the bottom of the org chart in comparison to males, than at the top. Ahem. Insert Tui Ad.

Julie said...

My workplace probably isn't too bad, most of the men quite willingly take on "women's" work, thankfully. Although one of them was a bit shocked that I was at work on my son's birthday the other day. I asked him if it would be ok for my partner (who is currently house-husband) to be at work, and my colleague spluttered a bit and then said no. I think that might be a generational thing though, the younger men are really pretty good, even though they talk about cars, obscure music, and sport too much.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Julie, the thousands of tiny paper cuts that make the whole of discrimination.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I am reading this right first I thought it was a joke, but then realized that you are all serious. You ACTUALLY think that us males think that you are lesser simply because of the fact that you don't have a phallus? I will admit that some men DO believe that women can't handle some situations or tasks AS WELL as men can, but that doesn't mean that all men think that way. And sometimes it's true...sometimes men will be able to deal with certain situations or tasks better, but you know what, the same goes for women. I cannot stand groups like this...all you talk about is how 'stupid' or 'insensitive' men are, and by doing so, you're just sinking to their level. And you know what, I hate it when men treat women the same way, so don't think I'm a woman hater, because I'm not. My father raised me VERY well, he has never been angry or controlling to my mother, actually, quite the opposite, she gets what she wants, when she wants it...and I don't mean that in a 'whipped' way, I mean that in a respect way. So the reason I hate these little 'groups' you all have going here, is because you just "assume" that all men think down to women. Well I have news for's not true. Maybe the reason people ask you to do something before a male is because the male is incompetent? Or maybe the reason you weren't asked over the male is simply because YOU are incompetent? OR maybe the person choosing just picked someone and it happened to be the one you're not happy with? Because no matter who they choose, you're either going to assume it's because they think men are 'higher' than the task at hand, or that they think you're not as good at the task as the male is. So either way, you're going to complain. Just stop already. You're just making men WANT to treat you down, and you know why? Because they know it will get a rise out of you.

Anonymous said...

Haha and of course my comment won't be posted, because a male wrote it. Haha just the way the cookie crumbles I guess.

Julie said...

Of course Anon on 19th March my main reason for blogging is in order to communicate clearly to all men, everywhere in the world, that I think they hate me. That's obviously the reason for all sexism and discrimination everywhere - it's just people trying to get a rise out of someone else. I can't believe I didn't see it earlier, thanks so much for your strangely inconsistent yet oddly wise words, I shall review my life immediately. Please do share more of your insights for my illumination.


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