Thursday, 26 February 2009

DUFC coming up

It's almost the end of February, and that means the deadline for the next Down Under Feminists Carnival is nearly here. It's being hosted by the fabulous Queen of Thorns, whose work I admire enormously, at Ideologically Impure. So it's time to go through your posts for February, and posts on other blogs you read, and pick some out and submit them to the carnival. It's fine to submit your own work, and submitting someone else's post is a great way of paying them a compliment - when they read the carnival, and see their work mentioned there, they will know that someone, somewhere, likes what they do. Submissions can be made on the DUFC submission page, and you have until Saturday 28 February to make them.

The fabulous Queen of Thorns


Julie said...

Thanks Deborah for the heads-up, I'm going to add this to my blog-related to-do list (which is rather long!)

Deborah said...

S'all right... I'm planning to spend an hour or two tomorrow going through our blogroll and checking out what people have been writing all month and send it in.

lauredhel said...

Thanks for putting out a reminder - I need to put one at our place tonight too!

Any more takers to host future carnivals?