Thursday, 5 February 2009

That guy's a legend!

Not all blokes think women's reproductive systems are a scary enigma, a cause of domestic violence, or a bit of a joke.

Waiting for a doctor's appointment, I picked up a (so called) women's magazine from late last year. Inside was the great story of ex-All Black Junior Tonu'u, his wife, and the birth of their daughter.

When Tonu'u's wife went into labour he drove her to hospital, where the couple were told to return home until the labour progressed further. But according to the article, by the time they got back home, Tonu'u could tell by his wife's screams that she was in the second stage of labour.

Tonu'u delivered his baby daughter, ringing 111 for instructions. He gently removed the baby's umbilical cord from around her neck. After the birth, he realised his wife was at risk of haemorraging, so he kept a close eye and made her as comfortable as possible until the ambulance arrived.

The thing I loved about this story was not the drama or heroism, but the way Tonu'u cared for his wife and daughter, understood his wife's body, and helped without being grossed out by all that 'woman stuff'. I reckon that if Junior Tonu'u can deliver a baby without breaking a sweat, those men out there who are scared of PMS can learn to handle the jandal.


The ex-expat said...

totally awesome!

lauredhel said...

Can't help but feel I'm more impressed by Sheralynn's efforts than by the Mighty Catcher of the Babe.

But the bloke's always the hero in these stories, as far as the media is concerned.

Anna said...

Me too, Lauredhel, but credit where it's due. I think that if we want men to be involved in (and not scared of) childbirth and other womany stuff, positivity and encouragement are important.