Sunday, 22 March 2009

Cupcakes galore!

Thanks to the ex-expat for her thanks, and to those who came along to The Hand Mixer on Thursday. We had some technical issues, which Enid, lprent and Lyn asisted ably with, but in the end we were only able to deliver half an episode of the promised Buffy. People seemed more interested in eating, drinking and talking anyway :-) Which was good for the lovely Working Women's Resource Centre women who kept us watered.

Great to meet some new people, special thanks to those who came along who didn't know any of us and took that leap of faith that we weren't unpleasant people with foul-tasting cupcakes.

And speaking of the delightful little baking morsels, here are some pics:

The ex-expat's delectable lime and coconut concoctions.

And her rose marshmallow contributions.

My old favourites, mini-lemon cupcakes, made with rice flour and the right icing sugar so they are gluten-free (but don't taste that way).

Prony enough for you Anna?

And in closing here's a sign from the venue that caused some hilarity amongst those in attendance:
PS We are considering trying a Hand Mixer in Wellington some time in April, due to quite a bit of interest from Wellington based readers - what say you?


Anna said...

Oh yes, that is wonderfully pronny - you are the Steve Crow of the kitchen! ;-) Thanks for all your fab work, culinary and otherwise...

Joanna said...

Give me a yell if you want help organising something in Wellington, otherwise I'll just pimp the first birthday party of Pretty Pretty Pretty which you're all invited to...

Alison said...

I'd be up for a Wellington get-together, provided I'm not going all-out to finish an assignment at the time.

Metiria said...

I had a great time, just shooting the proverbial with other lefty women. And catching up with an old friend I hadnt seen in nearly ten years - Kia ora Tania!.

If you do have one in Wellington, there'll be a bundle from the office who'd be keen to come. cheers mx

barvasfiend said...

I can't contribute to the NZ feministing side of things, but Oh God those top lime-looking cupcakes! Every time there are pictures on this blog of cupcakes...and they always look so good.

I have to make some immediately.