Saturday, 14 March 2009

Frakking toasters

Kindly consider this an open invitation to discuss the fourth series of Battlestar Galactica, up to the current episode showing on C4 in New Zealand (i.e. episode 3, which screened last night here).

And thank you to my workmate Studmuffin for bringing this glorious cylon toaster to my attention.


anna c said...
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backin15 said...

I'd dearly love to, but can't... I've got ahead of NZ, ahead of Australia even... and would hate to spoil it for others.

Love that the handmirror's so geeky but.

Julie said...

Okie dokie, what happened on Friday night was that Cally (sp?) got air-locked. Does that help?

I found it very sad. I could see how little help and support she had, as a mother, and how her mental health was suffering. I did wonder about why, given the importance of babies in the broader context of saving the species, there wasn't more support available to mums. Surely in a situation like BSG's it would be a good idea to have some creches or similar? Especially given the President is an ex-kindergarten teacher?

Anyway, I actually didn't think they would space-lock Cally, I thought they would write her off as mentally unhinged and she'd sort of end up semi-permanently doped. Which could mean a loose end flapping around there in the wind to come back in an interesting fashion later...

Also has anyone else noticed the gender division amongst the cylons?

Maia said...

Callie was my favourite character. I'm still upset about her death (and I'm caught up with the states). Ever since early season one she consistently showed solidarity with the people who worked with her. She's been the most developed character who isn't a leader in one sense or another.

In a way I liked that it showed how hard raising a child on the ship was and how little support mothers get. It showed how bullshit and incincere the episode where abortion was banned was.

I remain erally angry at the Chief for the role in her depression and death. And in a way I think that it was awesome that they showed the effect of lack of support can have on primary care givers. But I'm not sure it came through, as the chief has always been a more central character.

Julie said...

Also I was wondering about the cameras, and how they should have shown what actually happened in the space-lock, and Tori's role. They had cameras in the corridor when Kendra spotted Six, so why not now? Or maybe that's going to come back later on to spice things up when Tori comforts the Chief?

backin15 said...

Interesting points about the character development of Cally, I agree. But I actually think the way her character's story has progressed is interesting for the general conflict. She's a "good" character whose solidarity with humans includes the asassination of Boomer plus the New Caprica resistance. Her execution by one of the final five maintains the traditional division between Cylons and Humans when other human "heros" must now be questioned.

Julie said...

Tori's role has really changed too - since finding out she is a cylon she's gone from being "good" to "evil", as if it has given her licence to do whatever she wants without thinking too hard about whether it fits her moral code.

It's also interesting that the final five minus one are all in supporting roles to leaders - Tori with the President, Tigh with Adama, Chief as head of the planestuff (de wordz i haz not dem today), Anders as Kara's hubby.

Anonymous said...

A few plot points:

- Galactica does have a creche - it's referenced in "A day in the Life" and shows up throughout Season 4. (I hope that that doesn't count as a creche spoiler!)

- Pegasus had cameras, Galactica doesn't because they would apparently require a network. This was clarified at the end of season 3, when a camera had to be specially put in to Baltar's cell.

- On a feminist note, spoiler-free hopefully, keep your eyes open for reactions to Callie's death in upcoming episodes, but keep in mind that that plot line plays out for quite some time. Not every upsetting-to-feminists statement should be taken at face value right away.