Sunday, 1 March 2009

Quick hit: NZ's Next Top Model a set-up? Quelle surprise!

According to the Herald on Sunday today:
Fashion industry insiders have branded New Zealand's Next Top Model a sham after it emerged at least two finalists were catwalk professionals.

Application forms said contestants were not eligible for the TV3 reality show if they had modelled in "a national campaign within the last five years".

They also said any girl who made it on to the show had to cancel existing agency contracts.

TV3's website went further - describing the show as a chance for the winner to "launch herself into the world of professional modelling".

But two of the final 13 - Ajoh Chol and Rebecca Rose Harvey were represented by agencies when they auditioned.

Click through for the whole article.

The series starts on our screens on March 13th, presumably filling the slot of America's Next Top Model on Friday nights. Anna has started up a thread to discuss the most recent episode of ANTM (and Project Runway if you follow that too).


Brett Dale said...

Most reality shows are rigged for television, there is nothing real about them.

Anna said...

Yep. Even what is 'real' is edited very suggestively. I was wondering whether kiwi girls would be willing to behave brazenly enough to provide 'good' reality TV - but judging by the ads I've seen for NZ's Next Top Model, they've really stepped up to the plate!

Danielle said...

The first season of Australia's Next Top Model (which showed here at about midnight at some point last year) was very entertainingly low-rent (the girls slept in grungy bunk beds and called each other things like 'daggy mole') in comparison with the US version. I'm hoping for a similar vibe in our local series.

Julie said...

Gosh, what would the NZ equivalent of "daggy mole" be? The Australians have all the best insults.

Paul said...


Julie said...

Ah, thanks for that Paul. I don't know what we would have done without your, ah, contribution ;-)

Paul said...


Paul said...
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