Monday, 6 April 2009

11th Down Under Feminists Carnival

Fantastic! The 11th Down Under Feminists Carnival is up at WhyI'mBitter's Weblog, and as usual, it's jam packed with bloggy feminist goodness. Make yourself a cup of coffee and head on over there for some excellent reading.

Carnival founder Lauredhel asks that if you are in the carnival (we are! several times!!) you put up a post about it. And while you're at it, think about hosting the carnival yourself sometime. Chally, Demelza (I always have a moment of name-envy when I read that name) and stargazer anjum are hosting the next three, but the carnivals from August onwards need hosts. If you can host a carnival, contact Lauredhel at her g-mail address. She uses lauredhelhoyden as her handle.

And get submitting for the next carnival, via the submissions page, or if you can't make the capcha thingie work properly, contact carnival host Chally directly at chally dot zeroatthebone at gmail dot com. It will be the first anniversary carnival, and it should be a beauty. Chally has promised cake. Check the carnival home page for details about the carnival.


Azlemed said...

Thanks for the name envy lol... I thought it was bit out there when i was young, but seem to have grown into it, probably why all our kids have slightly different names too... am looking forward to hosting the carnival in June, its such a cool thing to try and do.

Chally said...

And cake you shall have!