Thursday, 9 April 2009

Thursdays in Black: Sexual Violence Survey underway

Louise Nicholas is promoting Rape Crisis' sexual violence questionnaire:
"It is important that the government understand the real but hidden costs that survivors of sexual violence have to carry," Ms Nicholas, an advocate for Rape Prevention Education [aka Rape Crisis], said.
The survey has 14 questions, and is seeking responses from those who were over 16 when any sexual violence occurred and are now over 20. The main focus of the survey is the costs incurred, rather than specific detail about the violence itself, other than asking how long ago it occurred and for how long.

It's anonymous, you can fill it in online, or you can get it by contacting Rape Prevention Education as follows:
Phone Rape Prevention Education on (09) 3600 4001 ext 1, email or mail a request to: Louise Nicholas, Cost Barriers Research, RPE, PO Box 78-307, Grey Lynn, Auckland 1245.
The last day for getting your response in is 8th May, which is the last day of Rape Awareness Week. Best to do it early though, to avoid forgetting!

Azlemed emailed me about this via Facebook a while ago and I've only just got the time to write anything decent about it, so apologies for tardiness. Haven't had much blog-time lately!

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Brenda said...

but thursdays in black are much the same colour as every other day in wellington. it's a case of mon tues wed fri in colour.