Friday, 29 May 2009

Brooooom broooooom

Can we please please stop calling them "boy racers". My reasons are thus:
  • "Boy" denotes a biologically immature male - ie under the age of say 16-ish. Therefore almost any "boy" involved in street racing would already be doing so illegally. Most of the individuals whose auto habits seem to be causing concern are actually adults, not "boys."
  • "Boy" of course assumes the group is male-only, when clearly this is not the case.
  • There is a perfectly suitable alternative label which is actually more accurate, ie "illegal street racers." This also makes it clearly that those in auto clubs who might happen to have car convoys from time to time are not perceived as problematic in and of themselves and that it is actually the behaviour that is troubling John Key, Judith Collins et al.
Oh and this:


stargazer said...

yup, almost (but not quite) as bad as "boys will be boys" being used for adult men.

Paul said...

And let us not forget Big Boys' Toys. Because, so far as the advertisers are concerned, is what we men are: no more than large children, who like big noisy fast things with lots of chrome and shiny black paint.

Vroom vroom!

Psycho Milt said...

Not to mention: "I find the fact that you put yourself massively in debt for something that's now worth a fraction of what you've paid for it terribly impressive." I don't think any of these people are the world's brightest bulbs.