Friday, 29 May 2009

Quick hit: Good news from Kuwait

Earlier this month Kuwaitis elected female Members of Parliament for the first time in their history:
A significant crack has appeared in Kuwait's glass ceiling after four women emerged winners in the Gulf state's parliamentary elections at the weekend.

The victory marked the first time women have won parliamentary seats since given the right to vote and run for office in 2005. For the past 50 years Kuwait's parliament has been the sole preserve of men.

In an election that saw fundamentalist groups lose ground, Massouma al-Mubarak, who was appointed Kuwait's first female cabinet minister in 2005, two US-educated professors, Salwa al-Jassar and Aseel al-Awadhi, and an economist, Rola Dashti all won seats in the Kuwaiti parliament.

"Frustration with the past two parliaments pushed voters to seek change. And here it comes in the form of this sweeping victory for women," al-Mubarak said today.
Read the rest of the article at The Guardian.

Last time I checked (sometime in 2007), Kuwait was the most recent country to extend the franchise to women.

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