Sunday, 3 May 2009

Cake! And the 12th Down Under Feminists Carnival

Chally has put together a fabulous 12th Down Under Feminists Carnival, and as promised, there is cake to celebrate a year of carnivals showcasing antipodean feminist blogging. It's a excellent carnival, just what you need for Sunday evening reading, or for when you need a little inspiration at work as the week begins.

Cake, by Chally

The Down Under Feminists Carnival for May, appearing in early June, will be hosted by our lovely friend Demelza, the SAHM Feminist. Send submissions via the DUFC submission form, or if the submission form won't work for you, send them direct to her at: demelzagf at yahoo dot com.

And think about hosting the carnival yourself sometime. If you can host it, contact carnival founder Lauredhel, either via the Hoyden about Town contact page, or at her gmail address, where she uses lauredhelhoyden as her handle.

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Chally said...

Thanks for the link and the compliment!