Sunday, 3 May 2009

Women's Fest 2009 at Vic from tomorrow!

Hot on the heels of UOA's Womensfest, VUWSA's Women's Group have organised a fantastic week jam-packed with feminist goodness.

Check out the Facebook event page for the latest info, and I've also put the events into our Calendar in the side-bar. Here's just a little taste of what's on offer:

10-11am: Radical Cross Stitch
All materials provided
Meeting Room 1, SUB

3-4pm: Women in Science Panel Discussion
Featuring a selection of maths and science academics discussing the under-representation of women in these disciplines, and what can be done about it.
Meeting Room 1, SUB


12pm: Debate!
Featuring the VUW Debating Society and Green MP Catherine Delahunty for a debate on the topic of pornography and whether it is an affront to feminism.
Meeting Room 1, SUB


10-11am: BodySense Workshop
Nutritionist Tania Coombes is presenting a version of her BodySense course, which is about developing a new relationship between food and eating for women.
Meeting Room 1, SUB

6pm: Anti-Fashion Show
A fashion show like no other! Will include student-made, practical DIY style clothes as a cheap alternative to get you through the recession.
Union Hall, SUB. $5 entry fee.

Note: Garments are still needed as well as volunteers for lighting, hair and make-up and modelling (non-traditional sizes, heights and ages welcome!). Get in touch if you're interested:


10-11am: Car Maintenance Workshop
Learn the basics of car maintenance in a friendly environment!
Meet in the foyer outside VUWSA on the ground floor, SUB

12-1pm: Lesbian Lunch
All queer women (and their friends) welcome for lunch and discussion.
Meeting Room 1, SUB


12-1pm: Feminist Activism Workshop
Combines stencil-making, activism and reclaiming public spaces for wimmin!
Meeting Room 3, SUB


11am onwards: Clitfest Fundraiser Garage Sale
Outside 128 Abel Smith Street.

SUB = Student Union Building, Victoria University of Wellington
Best wishes to the organisers, I hope it all goes swimmingly.


Kakariki said...

radical cross stitch! Awesome!! Wish I could be there...

T said...

The Vic Uni magazine Salient had a feminism issue this week. If you go to there's some interesting articles on there.

Anonymous said...

When will the feminists burn the effigy of a male? This is not good use of compulsorily accquired students money.

I wonder how many people turn up? Please report honest numbers :)

Anonymous said...

*rolls eyes* yeah it must cost so much money to put on events like a garage sale and a body health workshop.

Anon why do you feel so threatened? Do you even go to Vic Uni?

Anonymous said...

I did, and I was personally threatened by a member of the womans group because I asked her why there was a womans space, paid for by my compulsory union fees.

As I woman, I asked why we should be treated like we were some sort of weaker people. Feminism isn't about hiding away and banning men from your events, it's all about being powerful equals and abolishing these sexist departments. NZ does not need a womens affairs dept anymore... and that should be debated.

And yes, I am a Labour voter. I strongly believe feminism is not about playing the victim.

Anonymous said...

But love it how you ask if I even went to Vic.. why is that relevant? This is an issue for all women in NZ - even the ones outside the "safety" of a womans room. :)

A woman too said...


"As a woman...."

Could there be a worse start to a rant about how feminists are victims?

Oh and the whole I-was-threatened-by-a-feminist-so-now-I-fear-them implication? Well a white guy broke into my home once and for some reason I'm not afraid of white guys. Maybe it comes down to maturity.

Anonymous said...
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