Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Drinking Liberally in Wellington this Thursday and Auckland next Wednesday

Wellington features Professor Phillipa Howden-Chapman on healthy homes tomorrow Thursday night:
When: WednesdayThursday 14th May, from 5.30pm (speaker at 6pm)
Where: The Southern Cross, Abel Smith St, Wellington
Facebook event listing here.
And next week Auckland's DL crew have something of an exciting triple-header - Sue Bradford and Metiria Turei both addressing the topic of the future of the Green Movement in Aotearoa New Zealand, facilitated by my favourite Political Studies lecturer, Raymond Miller. The No. 4 Alfred St Women's Club will be pleased. It's going to be at a different venue from normal:
When: Wednesday 20th May, from 7pm (speakers from 7.30pm)
Where: Galatos, 17 Galatos St, Newton, Auckland
Facebook event listing yet to come.
This will be something of a defacto leadership debate for the broader left to attend if they so desire. Sadly I will be in Wellington that night, but not so sadly I will be at The Hand Mixer! More info tomorrow once we have a few more bits and pieces confirmed.

Apologies for getting the day of the week wrong for Wellington, thanks to an Anon for putting me straight :-)


Anonymous said...

I think Wellington is Thursday, not Wednesday (http://livingliberally.org/drinking/chapters/%252Fwellington). cheers

Julie said...

Thanks Anon! All fixed now :-)