Sunday, 24 May 2009


My friend's wife died on Thursday. I never met her, but I believe she must have been a remarkable lady.

She was only 31 when she died, but it was the third time the cancer had come for her. The first time, she was pregnant with her little boy, now two and a half. She raised and loved her child, ill all the while, and undergoing terrible treatments to try to slow the encroachment of the cancer through her body. She knew she probably wouldn't get to see her baby's first day at school, let alone all those other special milestones which mums and kids are supposed to share.

I don't know how a mother can reconcile herself to the knowledge she must leave her child. To go on in the face of that, using the little strength you have to make your last months with your child happy and special, takes a kind of strength that seems extraordinary to me.

My thoughts and aroha are with my friend and his son, and with anyone who has lost their own mother too soon.


harvestbird said...

This young family were also known to me, and like you I followed their courage with wonder and sorrow. This is not what any of us imagined for ourselves when we were younger and full of plans.

homepaddock said...

The death of an older person, while sad and a great loss to her/his family and friends is the natural order of things.

It's so much harder when it's a younger person when those close to her/him lose not just what they have but all they would have expected and hoped to share in the future.