Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Auckland Pay Equity rally today

Dragged a couple of workmates along today and was pleased as punch to see about fifty other people all turn up on the four corners of Queen & Victoria to wave flags, hold banners, parade placards and leaflet the public about the issue of pay equity for women. The responses I saw were pretty positive; my little group even had a man come up to us and question us further about what would happen next as he was really concerned about the issue, seeing as how he was a nurse.

If anyone has reports from Hamilton or Wellington please feel free to email them to me (julie dot fairey via gmail) and I'll see about getting them up :-)

And here be a couple of pics. Please excuse the poor quality, and if you have links to better shots let me know!

Big ups to the group of Hand Mirrovians from out of town who turned up and were stationed outside Whitcoulls, great to meet you!

During Jill Ovens' speech, I was trying to get arty but the man with the placard kept moving!

I did take more snaps, on the Working Women's Resource Centre camera, which I'll link to or put up if they come my way.


C.C. said...

hey thats me in that photo! it was great getting out there today and spreading the word! thanks :)

Julie said...

Thanks for being there CC! Great to meet you, even if only really briefly. I've been sent some shots of the Hamilton rally too which I'm hoping to get up today :-)